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Why Does Leather Deserve Slow Fashion Status?

Leather is known to be the most durable material used for furniture, clothes, and accessories. It is said to last a lifetime if taken care of properly, and it is indeed true. Leather is the most exquisite material one can own, and it stays the same for decades. 

Leather is made from natural animal hide, which makes it much more rigid and tough than any ordinary material. It may seem expensive to some people; however, looking at the long-term benefits, you might think otherwise. Leather does not need much repairing as it ages. It. It gets better with time. 

Other materials tend to depreciate and tear apart not too long after the purchase; there is a limit of pressure that those materials can take, and once you exceed that, you will have to find their replacement. 

This is not the case with leather; since it is a sustainable material and strong enough to fight external elements, it stays intact for a long time, and you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money continuously searching for durable material. It is a one-time investment if you look at it this way.

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While leather offers a lot of benefits to its owners, there is one thing that it demands in return. Leather cannot stay in its best shape and texture if it is not taken care of. All relationships are two-way, and it is no different with your relationship with leather. 

Taking care of leather might seem tiresome to some people and unnecessary as well, but if you don’t want to go on a spree of searching for different materials, it shouldn’t be so difficult. You can buy leather cleaning products from the market and clean your leather goods regularly to keep the dirt, moisture, and dust out. Sunlight is also not a friend of leather, so you must keep it away from sunlight as much as possible.

Slow Fashion Icon

Leather is not only durable, but it also gets better with time. As we said, it is made from natural animal hide, which ages like natural skin. Like skin develops wrinkles and pores as it ages, there’s beauty in it, too, since it is a natural process; leather also goes through the same. 

As time goes by, leather develops a patina which is a beautiful sheen and gives a more weathered look to the leather. It makes it look more vintage and classy; the patina can develop due to sun, dirt, and moisture exposure. It makes the leather more personalised because it indicates that your leather has gone through a lot with you, and it is not the claim that many materials can make.

You might be thinking, if it gets better with time, why do you have to take care of it and not just let it age? Well, leather does age well, but not taking care of it can make it age incorrectly. Because of lack of care, you don’t want your expensive leather goods to crack and peel. It can only age well if you take care of it and keep it clean; cleaning prevents it from peeling and cracking and enhances its ageing process.

There might be a few other materials that can provide you the same strength at the same price; however, one thing that no other material can promise you is age. Leather deserves to be called a slow fashion icon because of its longevity and sustainable nature. It allows you to enjoy the benefits, and unlike other materials that are bought repeatedly, you can buy leather once. You will not have to worry about your fashion game again because it never goes out of fashion.


Leather offers its owner plenty of benefits, and being able to keep up with fashion and class is one of them. Investing in something that lasts long and provides you with great satisfaction is always better.
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