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Leather Backpacks


There’s no better partner for a casual everyday setting than a dependable leather backpack. Men and women might not agree on a lot of things in life, but one thing they can unanimously agree on is that leather backpacks are their go-to accessories for everyday hassles. Obi Pelle provides you with magnificent designs for a leather backpack for women and men. You can choose your favourite colour and style and make it your own.

Leather Backpack For Women

Women always have more things to carry in their bags. A small backpack for women can solve many of their everyday hassles because their need to carry a backpack might be bigger than men. Obi Pelle has provided you the option to choose the right leather backpack for women so you can stand out in the crowd. 



Leather backpacks are well-known for their user-friendly nature. There’s no other type of leather bag that’s more practical than a backpack. They are spacious and easy to carry while also contributing a great deal to the style. People often carry leather backpacks to enhance fashion as it provides a cool look and makes you look chicer. They are also easier to carry throughout the day because you can move around with free hands while carrying them on your shoulders. And since the weight is on both your shoulders, you don’t feel too heavy and tired even after carrying them all day.

Explore Leather Backpacks Online

Online purchase always comes at certain risks. Leather is an expensive material which makes it even harder to go shopping online. However, there are many benefits to online shopping as well. Obi Pelle ensures you the best leather quality at your doorstep, allowing you to sit comfortably at home and get your desired leather backpack without effort. We work endlessly towards making our brand the brand of our customers, and we value your trust. Our artisans are passionate about creating leather products and only deal with handcrafted leather that stays intact for decades and even becomes better and more valuable with time. Explore this opportunity of online leather shopping with Obi Pelle and get the best leather experience.



Everyone might need more than the catalogue, and we want our customers to be delighted with the final product. Hence, we have offered the service of customisation to let our customers design their own backpacks. You can design a big or small backpack for women and men however you like, and our artisans will make sure that you get what you wish for. Obi Pelle is the first and only fashion to offer this service to our customers, and we are willing to provide you with the best possible results. Our endless efforts are visible in our product designs, and we aim to move forward with the same mission.

Why Choose Obi Pelle?

Obi Pelle is a trusted brand in the leather industry. We have been working hard to maintain the relationship of trust between our brand and customers, and we have been successful thus far. Our artisans are more than ready to bring your dream bag to life. You need to share your vision with us, and we will ensure that you get your leather backpack at your doorstep. We constantly work on our craftsmanship to make sure that our creativity keeps evolving with our customers’ choices. We take pride in saying that Obi Pelle has served its customers with nothing but the best, and we promise to continue the same efforts.