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All Obi Pelle   handcrafted leather bags, backpacks, goods and accessories can be custom made to suit your personal style and practical needs.  You can either customise an existing style – for example by adjusting the size, shape, colour, strap length, closure, pockets, or adding personalised embossed initials – or design a completely new piece.

How it works

Custom order request

Begin your journey with a request through our web form. We can start your consultation with as little details as you have.

Free design consultancy

Get a dedicated design consultant to work on your project details, pricing, delivery date and digital illustration. Consultancy is totally free of cost and you can opt out at any stage.


Order placement

Place your order using the listing link provided by your design consultant. Listing link mentions agreed details of custom project along with digital illustration.


Production & delivery

See your design come to life through our 7-step production process, followed by photoshoot sharing. Up on your approval, order is dispatched.


Step 1 – Design

The first step is the idea. This means putting pen to paper and sketching out thoughts, usually over a cup of tea.  ObiPelle’s design style is intentionally minimalist to achieve a fuss-free look that showcases the natural qualities of the vegetable tanned leather and beautifully handcrafted detailing.


02. Pattern making

Design consultant briefs every fine detail of the custom project to the production team with the help of digital illustration, supporting pictures and text.

Step 3 - Leather

Choosing the right leather is an art – you want it to look beautiful while being right in terms function. Leather comes in many different forms, it can be stiff or soft, smooth or raised grain, different thicknesses and different colours. We often use contrasting colour with bright linings as a lovely surprise when the bag is opened.  All Obi Pelle bags are made using full-grain leather sourced. Tanning is a traditional chemical-free process which uses natural products such as bark to create leather.


Step 4 - Hardware

Beautiful hardware such as buckles, studs and feet can make all the difference in the styling of a bag. We love Nickel, Gold and Antique because it looks great against different coloured leathers.

Step 5 - Stitch

The quality of hand stitching is key to the finish of bespoke leather bags.  A beautiful stitch is a real sign of genuine craftsmanship that you can’t get using a machine.  Hand stitching involves threading two needles on a waxed length of thread and then running the thread through the holes to secure the stitch.



The Obi Pelle logo is embossed on the leather using a one tonne Arbor press, customised for use in leatherwork.

07. Finishing & QC

Once the final product is ready. It is vital for us to send every piece through a strict quality control inspection, where the garment is scrutinized from every angle to ensure nothing is missed out and is perfectly crafted



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We invite you to complete this preference sheet and begin crafting the creation of your dreams with Obi Pelle’s Unique Bespoke Experience.