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Our Story


design philosophy

Obi Pelle aims to bring a new wave in the world of contemporary fashion filled with products that are both exquisite and minimalistic that last a lifetime. We work tirelessly to bring you designs that are effortless and straightforward, nothing more and nothing less, but at the same time stand apart in the fashion fraternity. Obi Pelle ensures remarkable precision and symmetry in every stitch of leather, giving you the feeling that this isn’t just another product, but an asset. We strive towards manufacturing a product that has the look, feel, and texture of something magnificent.

Our Philosophy is to bring you the most natural and scintillating leather products that one can buy. All our products are made from the purest leather there is to man, with even our interior lining made of pure cotton. This proves that not only do we deliver the most breathtaking leather goods to our valuable customers, but are also committed to protecting mother-nature through long-term sustainable practices .

Obi Pelle endorses an array of style and substance for the masses, from the most laid back and casual to the most formal and sophisticated; we have it all for our customers, helping you stand out from the rest. We make sure all the brilliance of our product is true to our core principles and everlasting to our customers, who we consider as a part of The Obi Pelle family.

story of obi Pelle

A brand made for everyone

In the extravagant world of fashion, premium brands are consistently bringing out new designs on the market giving reasons and providing consumers a wide array of choices to choose from. However, even with a catalog of brands to choose from, consumers may become perplexed and unable to find the right product that suits their style and taste. The public has never been truly-satisfied with template designs, always wanting something more to their liking. We at Obi Pelle got the perfect solution. We are the first and only fashion brand that is offering the chance to its faithful customers of customizing their products regardless of the complexity, a one of a kind idea. The mastery we possess is that we can act as a catalyst to bring the customer’s dream designs come to life. Anyone can get their personalized product designed the way they want, all you need to do is bring us a simple sketch of your idea, and we’ll transform it into a premium product that you always desired. We are committed to bringing you the quality that is second to none.

the founder

The visionary behind the company is none other than the founder himself, Obaid Sheikh. With a degree in market economy from the University of Durham, United Kingdom. He has always had a keen eye for fabricating the perfect leather goods. It is his passion that has led to the establishment of Obi Pelle in late 2019. He has devoted his efforts to the world of premium leather goods. Obaid Sheikh started at the root-level and worked his way around different departments in various companies, finally able to garner enough experience to pursue making his product line that speaks for itself.

where we are and how we do it

Obi Pelle is a family-owned company with a small team of devoted craftsmen and women working tirelessly in bringing you premium leather products. Our enduring love for leather and constant drive to attain perfection is what makes it possible for us to synthesize a product that fits with your persona from every day to exceptional. Our exceptionally talented workers based in the colorful nation of Pakistan, the fifth-largest exporter of leather,  with years of experience in fabricating leather products work diligently on delivering you excellence every step of the way.  We being a small team, can work in-house to create high-end products at a fraction of the expected price, and cut out the middlemen. Working in-house rather than in large-scale factories gives us the benefit of being sustainable and eco-friendly, thus reaffirming our commitment to protecting the planet.  Our effort is to provide affordable, premium leather products to the consumer while being sustainable and empowering local communities in the process.