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Mens Leather Wallets & Cardholder

Mens Soft Leather Wallet

Men's Soft Leather Wallet

The wallet is a man’s best friend, and why shouldn’t it be?
It holds the secrets and belongings as no other thing can. 
Leather wallets have been used for centuries for holding a wide variety of things. Centuries ago, men used to carry their hunting weapons and coins in their wallets. This accessory has come a long way from that time, but only a few things have changed. Men still use wallets to carry their everyday essentials and keep them closer than anything else. It is one of the most loved leather accessories for men, and Obi Pelle has put its all into designing desirable leather wallets for customers.

Leather Cardholder

Mens leather wallet is the most dependable accessory when it comes to carrying your cards and cash every day. Wallets made from ordinary fabric can only last for a while and don’t promise you the same protection. There are different types of leather wallets that can be considered men leather accessories, and a leather cardholder is one of the latest updates in this category. Obi Pelle also provides you the option to choose a chic leather cardholder if you’re looking for something minimalistic and petite.

Leather Cardholder For Men's
Mens Leather Wallet


Obi Pelle is a fashion brand that allows you to design your own leather goods. We have a wide range of men leather accessories ; however, we also believe that it is only possible to please some customers. You might not like our catalogue, and we never want to let you go in disappointment. Hence, to provide you with what you desire, we have introduced the facility of customisation. You can share your idea for your desired mens leather wallet, and our skilled artisans will ensure that they bring your dream wallet to life.

Just For You

Leather is known to develop a patina over time, and it becomes a part of your journey in life. You carry your leather wallets every day, and they experience the same hardships as you. It makes them more personal. When you buy your first leather piece at Obi Pelle, you will see that it’s rigid, but as you use it every day, it will get soft and more comfortable. It becomes proof that it was designed for you and belonged to you.

Leather Wallets

Mens Leather Accessories

With our tireless and endless efforts in the leather industry, we aim to build a new standard for leather goods for our customers. Our soft leather wallet designs are timeless as the artisans’ passion for leather and its products goes beyond limits. They work hard to provide the customers with nothing but the best. Our craftsmen only create handcrafted leather goods to give you the valuable pieces of this pious material. We promise to bring the best leather experience to your doorstep so you can carry yourself with grace and sophistication while carrying the creativity of Obi Pelle along.

Why Choose Obi Pelle For Your Leather Wallet?

Obi Pelle is a trusted brand in the leather industry. We have been working hard to maintain the relationship of trust between our brand and customers, and we have been successful thus far. Our artisans are more than ready to bring your dream bag to life. You need to share your vision with us, and we will ensure that you get your soft leather wallet at your doorstep. We constantly work on our craftsmanship to make sure that our creativity keeps evolving with our customers’ choices. We take pride in saying that Obi Pelle has served its customers with nothing but the best, and we promise to continue the same efforts.

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