Metal Card Holder Box 1
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Like all the great things in life, care and dedication is a necessity. We advise our dear customers to avoid direct heat, water splashes, and rough handling of our products. This way our products will remain preserved the way you bought them. If it does become wet, allow it to dry naturally. For superficial stains that may be apparent on the product, use a damp cloth and wipe the stained region as lightly as possible. Oil marks are the most lethal and are impossible to remove, so never handle your leather product with oily hands and always be aware of using clean hands while handling your leather goods. We recommend treating our leather products with a leather conditioner on an annual basis. Leather condition aids in moisturizing the leather keeping it subtle and preventing it from becoming dry, cracked, and faded. Leather treatment using a conditioner will impart a rich shiny look with deepened colors to the leather freeing it from any impurities.

Metal Card Holder Box