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Top Grain Leather vs. Bonded Leather

Leather is a luxury that everyone wishes to own, and some can luckily afford to buy real leather. It is essential to know about the types of leather before purchasing this material as there are different types of qualities that are sold on the label of leather, and believe us when we tell you, all of them are not the same. In this blog, we will tell you the difference between top-grain leather and bonded leather so you can identify and choose the right type of leather for a better experience.

Top Grain Leather

When we talk about the highest quality of leather, two names always come to mind; top-grain and full-grain leather. Top grain leather is the 2nd highest quality of leather, with full grain being the best quality to exist. Full-grain leather is the complete hide without the hair, which makes it the most durable and strongest type of leather. Full-grain leather might have some imperfections on the surface depending on the life the animal lived. A few scratches, stretch, and marks are common in full-grain leather. 

We get top-grain leather when the full-grain leather is buffed and sanded to remove imperfections from the surface. It is just as good when it comes to the durability of the material, but unlike full-grain leather, it doesn’t feel rough to the touch and is comparatively more refined. This makes it the second highest quality of leather and relatively expensive because the real leather experience cannot be sold at cheaper prices.

Bonded Leather

If you have been a leather fanatic for some time, you must have heard about bonded leather as well. This is another type of leather that is commonly used by many consumers. It is made from bits and pieces of both real and artificial leather and is also known as blended and reconstituted leather. It is usually created with the leftovers of real leather, polyurethane, cloth, and paper. Some manufacturers use extra polyurethane to make it look more and more like real leather when it generally includes 10-20% of it. Some manufacturers also sell bonded leather as real leather in the market, and inexperienced buyers are quick to purchase it as bonded leather is comparatively less expensive than full-grain and top-grain leather.

However, this type of leather is not as durable and strong. The material is not rigid enough to fight for a long time, and it also doesn’t have other leather properties. For instance, leather ages well with age, and the more you use real leather, the more comfortable the material will get; the same benefits cannot be offered with bonded leather.

Which One Is Better?

Bonded leather has its fair share of benefits; number one is light on the pocket. There are many people who want to own real leather but cannot afford to spend that much money on a leather man bag. Bonded leather can be the perfect short-term solution for them as they get to own leather at affordable prices. However, it is also important to understand that this is a short-term solution indeed. Bonded leather can never provide you with the longevity that only real leather can offer. 

Top-grain leather is the perfect choice if one wishes to spend on real leather once. It is more durable, rigid, and stronger than bonded leather in every way. It resists cracking, peeling, and tearing apart. Since top-grain leather is real, it is also easier to get it repaired and cleaned as compared to bonded leather. As time goes by, top-grain leather will get better with age and develop a patina that will increase the value of your leather man bag. All these benefits are unfortunately not a part of bonded leather as it might be light on your pockets, but it will fail to give you the real leather experience and longevity.

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