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How to Identify Real Leather?

Thinking of buying a leather man bag but don’t know where to start? You have come to the right place.

Deciding that you want to invest in leather is only the first step; things get quite challenging afterward. As we all know, leather is an expensive and premium material. It doesn’t come at low prices, which makes it difficult for many people to purchase leather in the first place. Leather is used to make several types of products, including classy business bags for men. While there are countless reasons for leather being so expensive, some people still choose to buy faux leather because it comes at a lower price.

The quality of these leather products is just as low as their prices. Accessories like leather wallets and business bags for men are best made with real leather. We know what you might be thinking, how can you identify real leather as a new buyer?

Well, you’re right. It can be difficult for you to identify real leather if you are purchasing leather goods for the very first time. Experienced leather users have a better sight of these things because they know what real leather looks and feels like; however, it’s not impossible for you either. In this blog, we will discuss some ways to identify real leather so you can ensure that you are investing in natural leather.

Ask about the Type of Leather

Many new buyers don’t know this, but all leather products are not the same. There are different types of leather, and the quality of each type also varies. Full-grain and top-grain leather are considered to be the highest-quality leather types, whereas bonded leather is comparatively low-quality. When you start searching for leather goods, you will find full-grain and top-grain leather to be the most expensive leather types because they offer the best qualities to the owners. You need to ask the retailer about the type of leather they have used in their leather goods. If the retailer fails to answer this, it might be a wrong idea to purchase from them. It is essential to know about the type of leather before investing your money in it.

Look Closely and Examine the Appearance

Another thing you should do to identify real leather is examine the appearance of a leather man bag. Real leather is made from natural animal hide, which makes it imperfect. Just like humans, animal skin also has pores, scratches, and wrinkles, and this makes leather a unique material. When you search for high-quality leather goods, you should look closely and see whether the texture and appearance of the product are perfect or not. Real leather has imperfections and rough edges, so if you don’t see anything like that, the product is most probably made of faux leather.

Smell the Material

Real leather has a certain type of smell. You won’t know it until you have smelled real leather before. What you can do is, find a real leather product that you are sure is made of real leather. It can be a leather man bag someone in your family owns, or you can visit a retailer you know only deals with real leather. Smell the leather in there to be familiar with the distinctive smell of real leather. It will surely help you find the right leather man bag when you are ready to purchase.

Feel the Material

As mentioned above, real leather is made of natural animal hide, which causes it to have wrinkles and pores. When you search for real leather, try to feel the material. Real leather will feel more like natural skin compared to faux leather, which has a very different texture. It doesn’t stretch and has a smoother surface.

Check the Label

Some leather products have their types labelled. You can ask the retailer about the type of leather the goods are made of, but it is also important to check the label if the label says something like bonded leather, vegan leather, synthetic leather, etc. It’s not real leather.

Choose a Well-Known Retailer

You can find many retailers selling leather goods and making claims that are too good to be true. As a new buyer, you should always only purchase from a well-known retailer so you can be sure that you don’t end up investing money in faux leather.

The Term Genuine Leather

The thing that confuses new leather buyers the most is the term “Genuine Leather.” You can find many leather products with this label, and it is very common to consider it real leather. Genuine leather is not a type of leather but a term that is often used for faux leather. When retailers can’t mention faux leather on their leather goods, they label it as genuine leather. Hence, it is important not to fall for this trick and follow the above-mentioned steps to identify real leather.

Looking for High-Quality Leather Goods?

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