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Leather Travel Bags For Women


Everyone enjoys travelling in their own ways, but one thing that every traveller can agree on is the importance of a good travel bag. A travel bag is no different than a travel partner; the journey can be painfully irritating if you get stuck with a lousy partner, and the same goes for travel bags. Travelling in style always needs conscious efforts, and no one puts more importance on style than women. Obi Pelle has created simple yet stylish women’s duffle bags for you that will make everyone’s jaw drop. Our women’s travel bag looks vintage and comes in different colours, allowing you to pick one that best resonates with your personality.

Apart from being a fashion statement, travel bags at Obi Pelle are as functional. No one likes to carry a stuffed bag that looks like it might throw up any time, and it is even harder for women to carry heavy bags around. Duffle bags for women are spacious and extremely comfortable. You can carry them around on your adventure if you want, and it won’t stop you from having the best time of your life. Women’s duffle bags are also great for routine use if you’re a sports champion or a musician; our leather holdalls will help you carry your equipment around. There’s practically nothing that a stylist leather holdall cannot do. From your tough routine to a chill vacation, you can use our leather travel bag anyway, and it will appear as a part of your outfit.

Strong Fashion Game

We all have seen our favourite celebrity in that chic airport look. Travelling is more common for celebrities than normal people; hence we see a new celebrity at the airport ready for departure almost every day. One thing that is hard to ignore is their styling on those days. They always look stylish and casual at airports, and as their fans, people also want to achieve that perfect airport look. Leather duffle bags for women allow them to get that without putting much effort into it. You can put on your casual outfit, and our classy duffle bags for women will do the rest.



Obi Pelle is a fashion brand that allows customers to design their own travel bags. Everyone has different preferences, and it is impossible to please every customer with our catalogue. Therefore, Obi Pelle has provided you with the opportunity to design your own leather duffle bag and carry it around on your adventure. You can share your vision with our artisans, and they will ensure that you get your dream bag. We only deal with handcrafted leather goods, so you can rest assured that you’ll be delivered with nothing but the best.


With our tireless and endless efforts in the leather industry, we aim to build a new standard for leather goods for our customers. Our artisans’ passion for leather and its products goes beyond limits. They work hard to provide the customers with the best possible leather experience. Our craftsmen only create handcrafted leather goods to give you the valuable pieces of this precious material. We promise to bring the best leather experience to your doorstep so you can carry yourself with grace and sophistication while carrying the creativity of Obi Pelle along. 


Why Choose Obi Pelle?

Obi Pelle is a trusted brand in the leather industry. We have been working hard to maintain the relationship of trust between our brand and customers, and we have been successful thus far. Our artisans are more than ready to bring your dream bag to life. You need to share your vision with us, and we will ensure that you get your women’s travel bag at your doorstep. We constantly work on our craftsmanship to make sure that our creativity keeps evolving with our customers’ choices. We take pride in saying that Obi Pelle has served its customers with nothing but the best, and we promise to continue the same efforts.