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Tips and Tricks for Packing a Leather Travel Bag

Tips and Tricks for Packing a Leather Travel Bag

Travelling can be a delightful experience if you have the right travelling partner beside you. We can all agree that people enjoy stress-free travelling, and no one wants to worry about things while they are on vacation. We’re no different. Just like you, we also find it gratifying when we have a partner that we can completely rely on.

Packing and unpacking are the most boring parts of travelling. Even an avid traveller finds it hard to decide what items they should take. This hectic process takes up days and hours, and you still end up leaving something important behind or overpacking. One way to ensure that you don’t face any such problem is to have the right travel bag. Your travel bag is your companion in this adventure, so you should think hard before purchasing one. We have seen people carrying a lot of stuff in small bags, and we have also seen people not using their travel bags to their full potential. Hence, in this blog, we are going to tell you how you can pack your leather travel bag/leather holdall efficiently to have a nice trip.

Maximise the Use of Packing Cubes

Packing cubes make travelling much easier when you are using a bag with oversized but less amount of pockets. A leather holdall is spacious, but one thing that people complain about is it doesn’t have that many compartments to separate your belongings. Packing cubes saves you from trouble. You can purchase them from the market and pack your belongings in different cubes. They can keep your stuff separated so it becomes easier for you to find them in your leather holdall. Additionally, packing cubes also help you avoid scratches caused by any sharp objects and also prevent wrinkles on your ironed clothes.

Travel Light and Smart

We understand the temptation to pack every possible thing that your eye reaches, but overpacking has never helped anyone on travel. You need to be smart with your packing and ensure that you only get things that are essentials. If you overpack, finding the things you need in time might become harder, and it becomes difficult to manage an over packed bag. Some people even use men’s leather messenger bags in the UK as their travelling partners, and if they can limit the stuff they carry on their journey, so can you. Make a list of things that are absolutely necessary to you, and don’t add anything that has no use on the trip. Follow that list and be light and smart with your packing.

Utilise Shoe and Garment Bags

If you are going on a business trip, you might have to wear suits or professional outfits. Carrying a garment bag will make it easy for you. You can keep your suit and clothes organised in your garment bags if you don’t want them to get wrinkles. You should also use shoe bags to keep your other stuff from getting damaged because of the shoes. The trick is to keep your laces out of the bag so they don’t get tangled. If you have more than one shoe, you will need more than one bag; each bag will only carry one pair of shoes. A leather holdall has enough space to carry your belongings for a business trip, so you just need to focus on keeping things organised.

Strategic Packing

You need to divide the weight evenly in your travel bag even if you are using business bags as your travel partner. Start by putting shoes and other heavy items at the bottom to divide the weight, and make sure you use all the pockets. Small pockets are perfect for things like socks, underwear, belts, etc. Pack all the heavy items at the bottom, and the lighter items should be at the top so you can easily access your belongings. This also helps you with easy division of weight, and it becomes convenient to handle your travel bag throughout your trip. If there’s an uneven division of weight, you will face problems in carrying a leather holdall.

Roll Your Clothes

Many people might be aware of this trick. Rolling your clothes saves a lot of space in your bag and also prevents wrinkles. If you fold your clothes, they are most likely to get wrinkles, and it also damages the shape of your bag because they take up more space and make your bag look bulky. Materials like cotton and linen are prone to wrinkles; hence, for these materials, you should consider rolling your clothes. You can also easily find rolled clothes as compared to folded ones.

How to Choose a Leather Travel Bag?

When choosing a leather travel bag, there are a lot of things that one should be aware of. Leather is an expensive material, and you don’t want to invest in it repeatedly. One of the best properties of leather allows it to stay with you for decades, and if you choose a high-quality leather bag, it becomes possible. New leather buyers might not know, but leather has different types, and you should know about them before going to purchase a leather bag.

Full-Grain Leather

It is the highest quality of leather because it’s the strongest and most durable. The hair is removed from the surface, and the leather goes directly into the tanning process. Full-grain leather doesn’t go through a process of refining, which makes it the strongest of all types. This also means that it is the most expensive leather type.

Top-Grain Leather

Top-grain leather is considered to be the second highest quality of leather. It has almost the same quality as full-grain leather, but the strength is compromised since it’s a little refined. It is still the second most durable leather type, so if you purchase top-grain leather, it can also last a long time.

Bonded Leather

People who cannot afford to purchase full-grain or top-grain leather often choose bonded leather. It is not made of 100% real leather, and chemicals are used in the production; hence, it is not considered high-quality leather. However, it is still commonly used among people because it’s a cheap alternative to real leather. It might have some leather properties, but it can’t promise you a long life.

Faux Leather

When you go out to buy leather products, you will come across retailers who are selling leather goods at low prices and claim to have real leather. You shouldn’t fall for that. High-quality leather doesn’t come at such low prices, and if someone is claiming that, they are probably dealing in faux leather goods. It doesn’t have even 1% of real leather and doesn’t have the same properties. 

Where to Find Real Leather?

Obi Pelle UK provides you with the best leather experience. We have business bags as well as men’s leather messenger bags in the UK to help you with your everyday hassles. If you are looking for a strong leather travel bag, visit our website and place your order for our leather holdall. It is magnificent and the most practical choice for travelling. You can also customise your order, and we will ensure that you get your desired leather accessory in no time. 

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