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Leather Messenger Bag vs. Backpack: Which One is Better for You?

Leather bags are classic, and they can never go out of style; we all are well aware of this fact. However, there are still things to consider before buying a leather bag. Leather bags come in different styles, and you need to determine which style is most suitable for your use. 

Whether you choose from men’s leather messenger bags UK or choose a conventional backpack as your leather men bag is entirely up to you. We have created this guide to make the process of choosing the right leather bag easier for you.

Leather Messenger Bags

Leather messenger bags are commonly used by professionals who need leather bags to carry their essentials to work every day. While it is primarily used for formal use, leather messenger bags can also be carried in a casual way. The shoulder strap allows you to wear it as a cross-body bag which gives you an effortlessly casual look even if you carry it on a suit. 

Men’s leather messenger bags in the UK have always been a popular choice among mature men. People in professional lives are often seen carrying these bags to work and other social events. They are convenient and have the right space to fit all their belongings. Hence, leather messenger bags are an ideal choice if you wish to have a bag that can work with both formal and casual looks.

Pros of Leather Messenger Bags

  • They are spacious and have separate compartments to fit all your belongings in one place. You can easily find things in leather messenger bags, and it will save you time.
  • They are professional but also very stylish. Style and professionalism are often not put in the same category because people think being professional is boring. Leather messenger bags prove them wrong with their style and elegance.
  • They also have small pockets to fit all your belongings, regardless of the size.
  • They are perfect for both casual and formal events. You can carry your leather messenger bag at work and then later carry it to a casual dinner without looking out of place.

Cons of Leather Messenger Bags

  • It can be difficult to find things if your bag is hung on one side of your body, especially if you are looking for something small like your phone.
  • They can look bulky because people often overstuff leather messenger bags. 

Leather Backpack

Backpacks have a lot of misconceptions around them, with people thinking only the young generation can carry backpacks and that they cannot be used in a professional setting. While we have to agree that they are not the ideal choice for an office meeting, we can’t say that they don’t look stylish and chic. 

Many people have started wearing leather backpacks to their work as well, but ideally, they are the perfect fit if you want something casual for your college or university. They can also be the right choice for a casual day out, and it will be convenient for you to move around freely. You can simply hang your backpack on your back, and it won’t come your way. Backpacks have also been a popular choice, but people still have some scepticism when they think about buying a leather backpack, especially when they don’t wish to achieve a casual look.

Pros of Leather Backpack

  • They provide an even distribution of weight on your back and shoulders, which makes them easier to carry around all day.
  • You can use them for a wide variety of activities like school, work, and travel.
  • They have a lot of space which makes them the perfect choice for short trips. If you don’t wish to move around with your travel bags, you can simply put all your essentials in a leather backpack and carry it around with you.
  • You can easily move with your hands-free, which enables you to do other tasks while also carrying everything on your back.

Cons of Leather Backpack

  • They can cause back pain if they don’t fit your back properly; they have to be made professionally to make sure they fit the back.
  • They can be heavy because people overstuff backpacks as they get more space and equal distribution of weight.
  • They might look too casual for some formal events.


Choosing the right leather bag is a task because there are so many amazing options, and you need proper knowledge to make the right choice. Obi Pelle UK has a magnificent collection of leather bags for men; you can choose your leather man bag from our catalogue. You can also design your own leather bags and accessories, and our experienced designers will bring your vision to life. 

Contact us now and place your order for the best leather experience in the UK.

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