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Common Problems that Affect Your Leather Accessories and How to Fix Them?

Common Problems that Affect Your Leather Accessories and How to Fix Them?

Even though leather is known to be the most durable material, it is still not immune to all the elements that can harm the material. Buying real leather is one thing, but caring for it and avoiding any potential problems that can cause breakage is also important. There are countless benefits that leather provides to the owner, but there are also some things you should be aware of as a leather buyer. 

If you don’t have a lot of experience with leather products, you might end up doing some things that will damage your leather bag for men. To help you with it, we are going to discuss some common problems that affect leather messenger bags for men.

What Problems Can Leather Face?

While leather is a long-lasting material and it won’t tear easily, the following are some other problems that can come in the way of your plan to use your leather bag for decades.


All materials face the problem of discolouration, and leather is no different. It is true that leather darkens with age, and it looks good on it, but the discolouration is different. If your leather is darkening with age, then it is not a problem but a good thing. Because leather’s value increases with its age. The patina’s darkening and development prove that your leather is real. However, if the colour of your leather bag is fading and you see a weird change in the colour too soon, then it’s probably because you exposed it to the sun, dust, oils, etc.

Cracking and Peeling

Another problem that many leather buyers face is cracking and peeling in the material. Leather won’t tear, but it will develop cracks and start to peel if not taken care of. This problem arises more commonly in bonded leather which is not a high-quality leather and fake leather products. However, cracking can happen to high-quality leather as well. It usually happens when the material is dried out and doesn’t have enough moisture to keep it soft.

Unpleasant Odour

The leather smells great when it’s new. New leather products have a distinct smell, and people who have purchased real leather before know what it smells like. However, over time leather can start to reek. The sweat, body odour, and use of different perfumes can all transfer into your leather bag for men, and it becomes difficult to get them out even with excessive cleaning.

Loss of Shape

Leather messenger bags for men can also lose shape because of bad posture. It is important to store your leather bag in the right way so it doesn’t become loose and develop wrinkles. Leather is made of real animal hide, which means that it already has pores and marks; wrinkles are not something that will make your leather bag look good. Hence, storing them upright in your closet should be your goal. You can also store it in the box it came in, but if you can’t find it, an old pillowcase can also help.

Mould Growth

It is gross to think that moulds can grow on your precious leather bag, but they can. It happens when you keep your leather bag in a place of high humidity and no ventilation. This can totally ruin your leather experience and make your leather bag stink.

How to Fix Them?

Leather is a strong material and is known to be resilient with many elements. It has some water-resistant properties as well, and it can put up a good fight with any force. Indeed it is difficult to tear a leather bag which is why leather is a popular material for a leather travel bag. Travelling requires a lot of strength, and since you are away from home, you try to pack as much stuff as possible. Only a leather travel bag can handle that much stress. However, this doesn’t mean that leather bags don’t get damaged. 

If you own a leather bag for men, you need to ensure that it doesn’t come in contact with direct sunlight. You can use your leather bag regularly but make sure you check the weather because too much contact with direct sun can cause problems with the texture of the leather. You should keep it away from moisture. 

You might wonder why moisture is a problem when leather is water-resistant. Well, leather is not 100% water-resistant, and water can dry it up if it gets wet too often. You should try to keep it away from water as much as possible so it doesn’t dry up and stiffen. 

Leather cleaning is also an essential part of using leather. Dirt is another threat to leather, and you can prevent it by keeping your leather bag clean. When you use your leather bag regularly, the dirt will sit on the surface, and if it stays for too long in the pores, it will cause cracks in the leather. The solution to this problem is that you should get your leather professionally cleaned. It is not important to get it cleaned regularly, but you should try to do it every time your leather bag looks a bit lacklustre. A few times a year is enough, but if you want to clean it yourself, you can also do it by using home remedies or purchasing cleaning products from the market.


Leather is indeed a luxurious material, but your job doesn’t end with buying a leather bag. Once you have purchased a leather bag for men, it is your responsibility to care for it so it can keep its luxury status. We know it seems like a lot, but caring for leather is not that difficult once you get a hold of it. You simply need to be mindful of the above-mentioned things, and it will work wonders for you.

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