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Why Is Leather Used For Bags And Luggage?

Over the centuries, leather has been used for various functions and products. To date, people prefer buying anything leather rather than repeatedly purchasing the same thing. In the last few decades, leather has gained popularity in its bags and luggage. We can go on and on about the uses leather has in furniture and clothing, but one thing that leather is most famous for is its bags. 

The number of travellers worldwide has drastically increased and keeps rising as travel is on most people’s bucket lists in today’s world. It is only fair that the purchase of leather bags and luggage has increased with the travellers. 

Besides being the most useful function, leather travel bags also help people enhance their looks. It will be ignorant to think that people don’t care about looks because that’s what Gen Z cares the most about when they buy accessories. 

There are many reasons why leather is used for bags and luggage, and here are some of them.

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The Strength

When you travel somewhere, one thing that keeps bothering you is whether you have packed enough material with you or not. As much as you would love to put every essential in your travel bag or luggage, you can’t overload unless it’s a leather bag. Leather has strong fibres that are not easily torn. 

This magnificent material can put up a strong fight with any force and keep your stuff safe. You can put heavy essentials on and not worry about your bag giving up; this is only possible with leather bags, which is why leather is extremely popular among travellers and often their first choice.

The Space

One of the many properties leather possesses the space it gives to the owner. You can put how much stuff you want in your leather bag, and it won’t fail you. The compartments are also organised so that searching for your stuff becomes easier and isn’t that what everyone wants when they travel? A functional bag that saves both your time and energy so you can spend it on other adventures.

The Texture

Leather has a soft texture which makes it stand apart from all the other materials. The surface also gets better with time as the leather develops a patina and gives it a weathered look. Travelling can be tough for many reasons, and having a bad textured bag is one of them. Imagine having to carry a bag that’s not soft to the skin everywhere; it will be highly uncomfortable and ruin your travel experience. That is another reason why leather is commonly used for luggage.

The Style

One of the important reasons why people prefer carrying leather bags is that it enhances their style and goes with every setting. You can have a formal meeting, followed by a casual dinner afterward, and your bag will look good at both events. 

We all see our favourite celebrities with their effortless airport looks and get inspired to dress like them, but one thing that can make all the change in one’s appearance is a chic-looking leather bag. Younger adults put so much effort into their appearance these days that the use of leather for bags and luggage has to play its part in making them look their best.


Whether it’s leather bags, luggage, or any other accessory, leather offers many benefits to the owner and has a lot of uses. If you are still not convinced about buying a leather travel bag, visit Obi Pelle and check out our Holdall, we are sure that with our best leather bags collection, a single glance will be enough to convince you. You can also customise your own leather bags and accessories. We have professional artisans willing to bring your dream bag to life.

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