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Why Invest In Leather Products in 2022?

Nothing compares to genuine, premium leather products.
Today, we will highlight some of the reasons why there is no replacement for genuine leather handbags in the UK. This article is a must-read if you’ve never owned genuine leather before.

The Quality Look

Nothing compares to the appearance of genuine quality leather.

Remember that genuine leather is a completely natural product. It is constructed from real animal hide which is key in recognising excellent quality leather.

Quality leather should have visible grain on the surface.

This means that the flaws in the animal’s hide should be seen in full grain leather. Living in natural habitats for years, possibly decades will leave its fair share of scars and imperfections. These larger imperfections in top grain leather can be mostly polished off however, it is desirable to keep the character intact.

When inspected closely, real leather ought to appear to be made entirely of animal skin and ought to be thick. Its rich, deep appearance shows that it wasn’t made using procedures or plastic.
Anyone who is truly knowledgeable about high-quality men’s products will be able to recognise a real leather wallet. It demonstrates that you are a gentleman who appreciates fine items.

The Luxury Feel

To put it simply, genuine leather feels like real leather.

Use your index finger to apply pressure on your leather. It ought to feel rich and dense.

High-quality leather will revert to its original shape over time, since genuine leather is a natural hide. When applied pressure, your skin would rapidly resume its previous shape, but not as quickly as a plastic polymer.

Real leather ought to feel robust and alive. Fake leather will have a cold, lifeless, and mechanical feeling.

Once you’ve seen this firsthand, returning to the world of PU or faux leathers can be impossible.

The Premium Smell

Real leather has a certain scent to it. This will undoubtedly fade with time, but for newer pieces, the fragrance alone will probably be enough to identify them as genuine leather.

It smells very similar to that of a high-end new car. The leather seats that have recently been installed are usually what you can smell there.

You can discover that your new leather wallet attracts attention for its beauty and rich, incredibly pleasant leather aroma.

Not everyone will enjoy this scent, particularly if you prefer to keep a low profile. Not to worry, just let your wallet air out for a few days outside in a cool, dry environment away from the sun, and the smell will fade.

It Lasts Forever

If properly cared for, leather can last for years, decades, or even a lifetime.

The cow or buffalo hide has changed over thousands of years to withstand anything that nature can dish out. Therefore, life in the woods is nothing compared to your daily commute or a monthly countryside excursion. Furthermore, good leather is virtually tear-proof. You’ll probably have a friend for decades if you combine that with sturdy stitching and high-quality zippers.

Furthermore, as time passes, you can come to favour the appearance of your wallet. This is because high-quality leather ages well and acquires a patina. The leather is absorbed with all the scratches and bumps you’ll inevitably make, giving it extra character. You’ll eventually even have that worn appearance indicative of a lifetime of exploration.

There isn’t any other material out there that will look better as it matures.

It’s An Investment

We understand that leather can be a bit pricey. Imitation leather or even nylon wallets can be purchased for a considerably lower cost however, they will most probably need replacing periodically. They’ll easily rip, tear, scrape, or lose their stitching. This is inevitable because the materials are meant to degrade quickly.

Real leather on the other hand has a very different story. It’s designed to survive decades, as we’ve already mentioned. Take a moment to consider this financially. What if you could only ever need to buy one wallet? You’ll be financially better off in the long run if you do this.

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