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Properties Of Leather And How it is produced

Properties Of Leather And How it is produced?

Leather is the most luxurious material used to produce clothing, upholstery, shoes, and accessories. It is the most versatile material because of its unique arrangement of natural fibres. The process of production provides a wide variety of properties to leather. Many chemicals and physical procedures are used to make leather what it is today.

Following are some of the remarkable properties that leather possesses.


All leathers are not thick, some go through a more lengthy procedure for refining than others, making them thinner than the thicker leathers, but even the thin leathers are thicker than an ordinary fabric used to create bags. Leather can win a fight against a standard material with its thickness, making it much more durable.

Resistance To Tear

Tearing leather is not an easy task considering the thickness of the material. However, this property also depends on the type of leather. More refined leather can be easier to tear compared to the high-quality leather that is made of hide and has not gone through much of the refinement process.

Heat Insulation

One of the reasons for leather being so loved by the owners is its capability of heat insulation. Leather contains a large volume of air which allows heat to travel slower through the material and makes it softer on the skin.


Leather is a moldable material and retains a new shape. It has elastic and plastic properties that allow it to become stiff or flexible according to the product; it can be moulded in any form and another shape later.


Leather can be water-resistant or completely waterproof, depending on the nature of the products. The leather used for furniture, shoes, and bags has high water-resistant properties. If you get your leather bag wet, you can dry it, and it won’t affect the quality of your bag. However, there are still some leathers that you should avoid getting wet.

How Is Leather Made?

Producing leather is a lengthy procedure that requires immense effort and skills. 

Raw Material

Leather is made from the hide of animals, including cows, goats, pigs, crocodiles, etc. The most common hide used for leather is cowhide, and since it is made from natural animal skin, every leather has a different texture. It depends on the kind of life the animal has lived. For example, if you purchase a leather holdall made from cowhide and the cow got scratched from a fence in its life, your leather bag will have a mark from that incident, especially if it is made from full or top grain leather.


The next step in the process is tanning when the hide has been prepared. It is done to stabilise the protein structure of the hide, which makes it more durable and long-lasting. This process involves being loaded with tanning solutions. These solutions contain vegetable tanning and chromium salt mix. Chromium salt provides more flexibility to the leather, which is why it is more often used for furniture and luggage.


This is the final step that defines the character of the leather, and it also involves dyeing to add colour and softness to the final product. This process is done according to the product the leather is being prepared for, variations can be added to make it fit for the specified product, and once the retainage is done, the leather is called the crust.


After retainage, leather can further be softened by the process of milling. It involves placing the leather in a dry tumble drum. This enhances the natural grain structure of the leather and provides a softer texture to it.


In the final step, many finishing touches can be added to the leather to create distinctive fashion effects, give protection, or enhance the feel and experience for the customers. Once this final step is done, leather becomes finished leather.

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