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Leather Holdall: Best Travel Companion For You

Are you someone who loves travelling and cannot let your travel bag sit idle for a long time in the closet? 

If yes, then you’re one of us.

We love to travel and have found the solution to the biggest concern every traveller has all the time. As much as you love travelling, you cannot certainly enjoy the process of packing and unpacking after every trip. It gets tiring, and you never know exactly how much stuff you need to take to ensure that you don’t miss something. Over-stuffing your travel bag is just as bad because it makes travelling more difficult, and you cannot find things easily if you have too much unnecessary stuff in your bag.

It is extremely important for a traveller to choose the right travel bag for their adventure; otherwise, things can turn tiresome really quickly. When choosing a travel bag, the first thought in everyone’s mind is to buy a leather travel bag. They are easy to carry and durable so they can go on for a long time, and you can use them on all your trips. Leather holdalls are extremely popular these days for many reasons. They are travel-friendly, and many people prefer to have leather holdalls as their travel partners. Here is why leather holdalls are considered to be the best travel companion.


One thing that every traveller needs in their leather travel bag is enough space. There are many bags of different sizes that you can buy, but all of them have some cons that can create hurdles in your adventure. Leather holdalls allow you to have the right amount of things. If you over-stuff them, they’ll look like they’d explode any minute, so you’ll know that you need to bring some things out. You can carry as many things as you want, but they also have a limit, so you don’t go overboard. They are the perfect choice for short trips and adventures as you can keep a few clothes and other useful stuff without any problem.


If you’re travelling, there’s no way you won’t take pictures. Everyone has the perfect travel pictures as their goal when they travel. Leather holdalls make it possible from right at the airport. We see celebrities coming in and out of the airport looking chic and stylish with their leather travel bags in hand. Leather holdalls make it possible for everyone to achieve that effortless casual, yet stylish airport look. You can also carry your leather holdall with you on your journey if you don’t want to keep it in the hotel room or if you wish to have some more stylish pictures in different locations.


It is important for the travel bag to be lightweight. There are places where you might want to carry your travel bag, or if not, then you will have to carry them to the airport and then back home. Carrying a heavy bag full of unnecessary things is the last thing you need on your travel journey. Leather holdalls are lightweight and easy to carry, so you don’t feel like you have a burden with you. They look effortless, and you can carry them around without having your arm hurt.


There might be many options for travellers when they choose the right travel bag, but none of the other travel bags offer as many benefits as a leather travel bag. Check out Obi Pelle’s collection of leather travel bags and order yours now. 

You can also customise your own leather bag, and our artisans will ensure that your vision is brought to life. Contact us now and share your ideas!

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