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Leather's Age

How To Slow Your Leather’s Age?

Ageing is a natural process, whether it’s for humans or leather. Since leather is made from natural animal hide, it is understandable that it changes over time because the skin is bound to develop changes as it ages. 

While leather’s value increases with age as it develops a patina and gets a weathered, more classy look, some people might not like it that way. People always have preferences, and some might want their leather to look the same even after ten years, and there’s nothing wrong with it. 

While some might want to age their leather faster so they can enjoy a more classy look, some might want to slow the ageing process. Unfortunately, that’s the best they can do since leather is bound to age with time. You cannot prevent it from ageing completely. However, there are some things you can do to slow the process so you can enjoy your preferred look for a longer time.
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How Does Leather Age?

If you own full grain or top grain leather, you might see changes in the texture and surface of the material with time; that’s because real leather develops a patina over time. It is a beautiful sheen that gives the leather a weathered look and makes it look even more royal and exquisite. Patina is developed from everyday use. The sun exposure, body oils, dirt, and everyday scratches can fasten the process of patina, and people enjoy it because it is as unique as a person’s. 

Just like all people are not the same, patina is also different from leather. It depends on the quality of the hide and the life that the animal has had. It also represents the experiences of the owner since it develops because of his everyday struggles. You can say that it has gone through the same things as the owner, which makes it more personal. And it is also proof that you own high-quality leather. 

One way of differentiating real and faux leather is that real leather develops a patina over time while faux leather is unable to do that, so if your leather has a patina, you can rest assured that you spent money on something worthwhile.

Tips To Slow Down The Ageing

Following are some tips that you can follow to slow down the ageing process for your leather;

  • Store Your Leather

Many leather owners often ignore storing a leather bag, and if you don’t want to slow the ageing, it doesn’t make much difference. However, if you want your leather to stay of the same quality, you might want to consider storing your leather bag properly. 

Sunlight, dirt, and moisture fasten the ageing process of your leather, so it is best if you store your leather bag in a place where none of these elements can reach it. We recommend storing it in the box it came in, or an old pillowcase might help too.

  • Clean Your Leather

Cleaning leather should be a priority for everyone, whether you want to slow the ageing process or not; however, if you do want that, it is a must for you. Dirt is not a friend of leather; if you don’t clean it regularly, your leather will start to look old and weathered soon enough. There are many cleaning products available in the market. You can use them to keep the dirt out, or you can also get help from professional cleaners from time to time.

  • Don’t Keep It In The Pocket For Long

If your leather goods are something as small as a leather wallet, you might want to take it out from your pocket. Natural body oil on your hand or pocket can cause the leather to age faster. Think of an alternative to keep your wallet with you at all times instead of keeping it in your pocket for an extended period.
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