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How to Remove Dents from Leather Wallet

How to Remove Dents from Leather Wallet

leather wallets are not simply accessories that people use throughout their days. They are a fashion statement. The type of wallet you carry says a lot about you, and it is crucial to make it say the good things. If you have been using a leather wallet for a long time, you might be seeing some dents on it. There’s nothing to worry about because, over time, leather ages, and these dents can appear. In this blog, we will tell you how to remove dents from a leather wallet so it can say everything you want it to say about you.

Why Dents Appear?

Dents on leather products are common. Leather is known to be the most durable material for accessories, but it also requires a lot of care. There’s no way a leather product can stay the same if you treat it roughly. Cleaning it regularly and keeping it out of harm are the essentials when you are using leather goods. A rough treatment can cause one too many problems, and dents are just a part of it.

Here are some methods to remove dents from leather wallets.

Warm Water and Hairdryer

The first method requires you to dampen a clean cloth in warm water. By dampening, we mean to moist the cloth and not get it completely soaking wet. Then, you can gently tap the cloth on the dents; applying a little pressure will help the dents to soften with the help of warm water.

Once the dents soften, you need to set your hair dryer on low heat to avoid overheating the leather. Keep the hair dryer a few inches away from the damp cloth and the dents, and move it back and forth. This process will evaporate the moisture and bring the leather to its original shape.

After you are done drying the area, apply a conditioner to moisturise the area. Gently massage in circular motions, and this will help in minimising the dents from the surface. This method is extremely effective for all dents except for set creases. This may not work for something that has affected the leather structure.

Leather Conditioning and Polishing

For this method, you first need to buy a good quality leather conditioner from the market. There are countless conditioners available, but try to find one that doesn’t cause any damage to the material. Take a pea-sized drop of conditioner on your finger and apply it to the dent. Spread it all over, and move your finger in a circular motion for an even application. Once you are done, buff the area with a clean cloth and remove the excess conditioner from the dent.

After buffing, get a leather polish of good quality and dip a clean cloth in it. Apply it gently on the buffed area and dents. This will bring back the shine and brightness of your leather wallet from Obi Pelle.

Ironing with a Cloth

Another method to get rid of the dents on your mens leather wallets UK is getting a damp cloth and placing it on the dents. It works as a protective barrier in this method. Get an iron on low heat to avoid overheating. Place the iron on both of the cloth and gently move it in circular motions. Heat will help the fibres in the dented area loosen up. 

Remove the iron and the cloth once you are done, and assess the shape of the dents. You will see that the surface has slightly gone back to its original shape. After that, you should apply conditioner on the dents to prevent any dryness in the area.

Weight and Pressure

One of the easiest methods to remove dents is applying pressure to them. Place your wallet under a clean cloth, and put weight above the cloth. There are two things you should keep in mind before applying this method. The cloth should be clean and completely plain. If there is texture, it might affect your leather wallet, so make sure the cloth is appropriate. Another thing you should be mindful of is that you need to apply equal weight to the wallet. You can put books or any other object that covers the area evenly to prevent further damage to the leather.

How to Prevent Dents on Leather?

Treating your leather wallet for dents that have already occurred is important, but you should also focus on “why they occurred?” If you had known what things should and shouldn’t be done to leather wallets, you might not have to apply these methods. Hence, it is important to know the prevention techniques so you don’t have to implement these methods again. Following are the things you should do to keep your leather wallets dent-free.

Store Properly: People often overlook the importance of storage for leather goods. For leather wallets, it is important to store them with even pressure on all sides to prevent any dents.

Carry Properly: Wallets are kept in the pocket for a prolonged period of time each day, and wearing them from one side can also cause damage. You need to keep rotating your wallet so all sides get equal treatment and no dents occur.

Use Separators: You should also use separators inside your wallet to keep things inside organised. The excess weight and contact of cards, coins, and cash can also cause dents in your wallet.

Condition Regularly: Leather care is important, and if you want your leather wallet to age gracefully, you need to condition and clean it regularly. All you have to do is purchase a good quality conditioner from the market and apply it to your leather wallet. Do it a few times in a year, and you will see a change.


Removing dents from leather products is not difficult, but we hope that we have helped you understand how to remove dents from leather wallet in detail. Try to care for your leather products so a situation like this never arises because precaution is always better than cure.

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