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How To Care For The Hide A Guide For Leather Care

How To Care For The Hide? A Guide For Leather Care

Leather is always extra attractive when it is made from natural animal hide, it looks more sturdy, and men are drawn to it because of its classy appearance. But in order to keep the appearance intact for a long time, the hide requires some care. You must have heard that cleaning the leather can increase its life; they are not just empty words. 

Cleaning your leather piece can improve its life, and you can use it for decades if things are done correctly. We have made this guide to help you understand the process of cleaning your leather hide so you can enjoy your most expensive possession for as long as you want.

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Choose The Right Treatment

There is an ocean of manufacturers that are selling cleaning products for leather goods but remember that not all products are suited for all types of leather. Choosing the proper treatment for your leather bag is essential because you don’t want harmful chemicals to worsen your leather bag’s condition. 

You consult a professional leather cleaner for advice on the proper treatment, or you can do your research online, but knowing what treatment is appropriate for your bag is essential.

Use Cleaning Cream

There are many cleaning products available in the market, and the first product you need to use on your leather bag is a cleaning balm or cream. Use a damp cloth to clean the surface of your leather piece and then leave it for a few minutes to let it dry; then apply the cream in circular motions all over the surface with a soft dry cloth. Leave it on for twenty minutes to soak in and after that, use the clean part of the cloth to remove all the excess product. Repeat this method for a few weeks.

Can I Wash My Leather Bag?

There is no need to wash your bag with detergent when you can take the dirt out with some products and a damp cloth. Detergents contain strong chemicals that may cause harm to the texture of your bag. 

If you cannot take care of your leather hide yourself, it is advised to get professional help for the task. Hire a professional leather cleaner, and they will use advanced chemicals and machines to immediately clean your bag without damaging it.

How Do I Store It?

Storing a leather bag properly might be the most overlooked task, but the shape and texture of your leather bag depend on it. Leather pieces must be kept in a dry place upright; if they are moulded, they will lose their shape and the folding of the leather damages the patina, which results in early ageing. 

It is best to store your leather bag in the box it came in, or you can use an old pillowcase, too; just make sure that the colour doesn’t stain the leather. If you live in a humid environment, keep it in a place where air circulates. You should also avoid direct sunlight when storing your leather bag.

How To Manage Moulding?

It is common for leather to develop mould in a humid environment. If your leather bag gets moulded, the first thing you can do is isolate the bag so it doesn’t spread to the rest of your wardrobe. Placing it in a plastic bag or getting it professionally cleaned can take care of this issue and before you put your bag back in the closet, make sure that the mould doesn’t come back.

What If My Leather Bag Gets Wet?

It is best to avoid your leather bag getting wet, but if you got caught in the rain or got your bag wet, don’t panic and place it in a place where it can dry. You must not use any dryers to dry the bag immediately because artificial heat can cause damage to the leather.

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