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Why Invest In Leather Products in 2022

How Does Leather Age?

There are not many materials that get better with age, and leather is one rare product that ages like a fine wine. New leather is incredible, and it is also extremely comfortable, but there are some things that only old leather can do. 

The more leather ages, the better it looks and feels. It develops a darker colour and texture over time; the patina is a finish that grows in real leather, which makes it look weathered and vintage. The natural oils, sun, and the environment play vital roles in the development of patina on the leather, which makes your leather bag more personalised because the patina is the proof that it has gone through thick and thin with you.

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It Develops A Different Appearance

Real leather is made from natural animal hide, and like any other skin, it develops wrinkles. The natural element gives more character to the leather as it ages. These markings are usually not too big, but they are hard to go unnoticed. They cover the first layer of the surface and add an extra layer to give it a weathered look. The more you use your leather bag, the faster it will change its appearance.

It Gets Softer

Leather is a soft material, but the intensity of softness between old and new leather is very different. The older a leather bag gets, it becomes much softer than a new leather. New leather is comparatively more sturdy. For instance, when you buy a new pair of shoes, they might hurt a little at first, but as they get used, they become more flexible and soft; it is the same with leather bags but better. Leather is designed to last a lifetime, so it will continue to get softer with every use.

It Is Stronger

Leather is strong material generally, but it gets stronger as it ages. Old leather has been through a lot all these years. It has been pulled and stretched so you can draw on it, and won’t tear easily. It becomes resilient with so much time spent, and people prefer to have an old leather bag for the same reason.

It Develops Patina

We have already told you about patina, and it is one thing that makes the ageing of the leather much more valuable. A weathered look in the leather is desirable and makes it look more rugged and vintage. The more you use your leather laptop bag in the UK, the better and more natural patina it will develop. 

How fast a patina develops on the leather depends on how often you use your bag. If you keep your leather pieces in the cupboard all the time, they won’t age faster. It is best to carry your leather possession so they can age faster and develop help to get them the weathered look.

What Is Distressed Leather?

Evident by the name, distressed leather is the leather that has been distressed, meaning too damaged, old, worn-out, and exhausted. The leather develops this look after being used for many years, but that is not the only way to distress your leather. 

Many methods can be used to distress your leather bag before time, like overuse and less care. This process does not only make leather look worn out, but it also makes it strong, resilient, and hard to crack, tear or peel.

Main Features Of Distressed Leather

Changing Colours

The colour of each leather depends on the preference of the owner; you can buy any colour you like, from geneva brown to midnight black. However, remember that distressed leather also develops some changes in colour over time.

Glossy Patina

Distressing your bag is one of the easiest ways to increase the value of your leather bag. The surface of leather becomes glossy when it develops a patina.

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