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Handmade Leather bags

Why Choose Handmade Leather Over High Street Bags?

When you are shopping, there are countless alternatives and options you can find in the market that might be tempting. The leather industry is no different. Many retailers offer leather goods at cheap prices when it is known that leather is an expensive material. New leather buyers often fall for it and purchase from them to realise later that the product is not made of real leather.

Leather bags are popular, and everyone wants to have at least one classy leather bag in their wardrobe. It is extremely easy to choose high street bags over handmade leather bags because there are plenty of options available. Handmade leather bags are difficult to find, which makes high-street bags more popular. However, you should always choose handmade leather bags, and in this blog, we will tell you the reasons for it.


The biggest reason is the quality. Leather is known to be the most durable material for bags which also makes it expensive. However, the quality of real leather is worth the price. A good quality men’s weekender bag can last for decades as compared to ordinary high street bags. When people are purchasing bags for travelling or regular use, they want to invest money in good quality, and a handmade men’s weekender bag can offer that quality to them.


If you purchase high street bags, you can say bye to the uniqueness. Your high street bag won’t be unique in any way because there must be hundreds of bags identical to it. There’s no individuality to them, and this is one of the most significant drawbacks. When you are spending that much money on a bag, you would want it to be unique. However, if hundreds of people own the same bag, there won’t be anything special about it. Handmade bags have individuality in them. Since they are handmade, they all have differences and unique features. This sets them apart from high street bags and gives them more positive points.

Better for the Environment

People are now more aware of the consequences some things have on the environment. Customers are going eco-friendly, and to impress them, brands are also adapting to this change and introducing environmentally friendly products in the market. Handmade leather goods are better for the environment because machines are not used in their products. When machines are used to create high street bags, they pollute the air, and this harms the environment. Hence, if you want to build a sustainable world for future generations, handmade leather bags should be your choice.

Better Detailing

When an artisan creates handmade products, they leave a part of them in it. They spend more time and effort creating something good. This is another reason why handmade leather bags are more precious and valuable. If you check out our briefcase bags at Obi Pelle UK, you can see that they have great detailing and are made with extra care. This type of detailing is often missing in machine-made briefcase bags. Therefore, if you are someone who likes a bit of detailing in their bags, handmade bags are a good choice.

More Emotions

Everyone puts effort into creating something, which is why handmade products are more valuable. While it’s not necessary that everyone understands the value of handmade leather bags, no one can deny their brilliant quality, and this is the outcome of the artisan’s utmost dedication. Our artisans also work hard to create the best men’s leather wallet and other goods so that everyone can experience the brilliance of this material.


If you purchase high street bags, there’s no room for customisation. These bags are produced in bulk and have no individuality. However, if you choose to purchase handmade leather goods, some retailers allow you to customise your bags. For example, if you want to purchase a handcrafted men’s leather wallet but you also want your name on it, you can ask the retailer, and they can ask their artisans to make it happen. Customisation is a trend these days, and it makes your products look unique. You can also make more changes in handcrafted leather goods, so you should look for a retailer that allows you to customise your leather goods.

We have a magnificent collection of handmade briefcase bags and men’s leather wallet that you can customise to fit your vision. Share your ideas with our team, and they will make sure to bring your vision to life.

How to Find Handmade Leather Goods?

We know it can be difficult to find handmade leather goods when so many retailers are providing high-street bags. You need to have proper knowledge about the material and retailers to identify real leather. First, you need to determine what type of leather bag you are looking for. Do you want a quick solution, or are you willing to search properly and find the right retailer to purchase real leather goods?

Leather is in demand, and it always will be. It is considered high-end fashion because it’s expensive, and everyone can’t afford to buy real leather bags. This gives room to retailers to create cheap alternatives that are more affordable for everyone. However, they cannot offer the same quality, which is why you should not rely on them and look for a permanent solution. Handmade leather products are luxurious, and you should choose the right retailer to purchase them.

Handmade Leather at Obi Pelle UK

We have been providing our customers with the best leather experience for several years. Our artisans are passionate about leather and try their best to create something unique for each customer. You can check out our magnificent leather bag designs on our website, and if you don’t like something from the catalogue, share your vision with our team to customise your leather bags. We will ensure that you get the best leather experience with our handcrafted leather bags and accessories, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing another bag for decades.