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Leather Laptop sleeve vs bags

Are Leather Laptop Sleeves Better than Bags?

Fashion requires an update from time to time, and the same is the case with leather goods. Leather is indeed a timeless and classic material, but the ways it is used have significantly changed over time. Where leather wallets used to be big enough to carry weapons for hunting, now leather cardholders are only big enough to carry cards and some coins. Similarly, a leather laptop bag also needed an update. This is where leather laptop sleeves came into the market.

What are Leather Laptop Sleeves?

If you are a laptop user and need something to carry your laptop to work or university, you must have heard about laptop sleeves. They are made to carry your laptop every day. While you might be thinking laptop bags used to do the same, are these sleeves any different?

Well, the biggest difference between the two is the size. A leather laptop bag is comparatively much bigger than a laptop sleeve. It does carry a lot more stuff as well, but it also takes up more space in your closet, workstation, and even on the subway. For people who don’t have a lot of stuff to carry every day to work, this is the perfect accessory. For example, if you only need to carry a small laptop with a charger to your workplace, you don’t need to purchase a big laptop bag for that. You can simply invest in laptop sleeves that are perfect for your use.

Are Leather Laptop Sleeves Good?

People are always sceptical about many things before purchasing something new. It is right to be cautious and do your research. Leather laptop sleeves are a new trend and still haven’t gotten as much popularity as a leather cardholder. Laptop users can be confused between the two because they want to make sure they invest in the right leather accessory; after all, real leather is not an inexpensive purchase. 

If you are thinking about buying laptop sleeves but want to know whether it’s good or not, keep on reading.

New Style

Whether you purchase leather goods to enhance your style or not, it is a known fact that leather is popular for its appearance. Leather goods make you look chic and add class to your style. If you carry a standard leather laptop bag, it won’t make much of a difference in your style, but with leather laptop sleeves, you can surely make some heads turn. As we mentioned, laptop sleeves haven’t been as popular as other leather goods, so there will be people who are not aware of this accessory. They will surely find it impressive that you are carrying something so unique and stylish every day.

Enhanced Appearance

Your appearance will also be enhanced simultaneously. If you are looking for something to change your style and appearance, leather laptop sleeves are the perfect accessory. They come with a strap so you can put your fingers in it and hold it in your hand. This looks perfect with all types of outfits, and more than the laptop bag, it looks like a laptop case, which makes you look even more sophisticated.

More Convenient

The more space you have in your laptop bag, the more stuff you will carry. It becomes a hassle if you have too much stuff in your bag or wallet. Leather cardholders are popular for the same reason. A leather wallet has more space, which allows people to carry more stuff in it and end up making it look bulky. A leather cardholder only allows you to put limited stuff inside, so it fits perfectly inside your pocket. Leather laptop sleeves serve the same purpose. If you don’t want to carry a bulky bag throughout your day, it’s better to choose something smaller and more convenient, like laptop sleeves.

It is also much easier to commute with a leather laptop sleeve. You don’t need much space in the subway to keep your bag. You can simply put it on your lap, and it won’t be a hassle for anyone, including you.

Better Protection

Unlike laptop bags, laptop sleeves don’t have extra space for stuff. It is strictly designed to carry laptops; hence, it provides better protection. When you carry more stuff inside your bag, your laptop can get damaged not just by an external force. Sometimes, the stuff you carry inside can also damage your laptop. This is another reason why some people prefer laptop sleeves.


Can I Fit Laptop Sleeves in Laptop Bags?

Yes, it is completely up to you how you want to carry your laptop sleeves. You can carry it in your hand, or you can also put it inside your laptop bag to make it even more protected.

Are Leather Laptop Sleeves Waterproof?

Leather has some water-resistant properties, but not all leather laptop sleeves are completely waterproof. If you purchase high-quality laptop sleeves, they might be made of waterproof material. But make sure to do your research on the retailer before buying.

Can I Fit More Than One Laptop in a Laptop Sleeve?

It depends on the size of your laptop sleeve and laptop. However, generally, it is not possible to fit more than one laptop in a leather laptop sleeve. They are smaller in size and don’t have enough space for two laptops. If you wish to carry more than one laptop, you should choose a leather laptop bag instead.

Do Laptop Sleeves Come in Different Sizes?

Yes, there is a wide range of sizes in leather laptop sleeves. All laptops are of different sizes, so you should make sure that you measure your laptop perfectly before purchasing a laptop sleeve so you get the size right.

Do Laptop Sleeves Come with Shoulder Strap?

No, laptop sleeves have a small handle at the front that allows you to hold them in your hands, but they don’t come with a shoulder strap. You should choose a laptop bag if you want a detachable shoulder strap.

Can I Customise Leather Laptop Sleeves?

Yes, customisation is possible for all leather accessories. You just need to find a reliable retailer who can bring your vision to life. You can surely customise your leather laptop sleeves as per your needs.


Whether you choose a leather laptop sleeve or a bag it is completely up to you. Both of these leather accessories have distinctive features that make both of them worth your money. For some people, laptop bags might be the only right choice, but for people who like to invest in unique things, laptop sleeves are the perfect accessory. They might not be as popular as other leather accessories, but they are on their way to being bigger. Leather laptop sleeves are what we call an underrated trend, and Obi Pelle UK is here to make them take over the market.

We have magnificent collections of both at Obi Pelle UK. You can visit our website to check out our catalogue and place your order. If you don’t like something from the catalogue, you can also customise your leather accessories. Share your idea of the perfect leather laptop sleeve with our team, and we will ensure that our artisans create something unique and urbane for you.

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